Where to Find TV Jobs, Film Jobs, and Other Resources

If you’re looking for a job in media, be it TV or film, you need to be on top of the latest news, trends, and job openings. To that end, here are the emails you must be receiving and sites you must be frequenting.


This listserv provides an essential daily digest of the last news in the media industry. They share the inside scoop on shifts in the executive ranks and new shows being picked up. They also offer multiple verticals, including Cynopsis: Kids, Cynopsis: Sports, and Cynopsis: Digital. As an added bonus to job seekers, they offer job postings, oftentimes with a direct email to send to resumes to rather than a link to a black hole of a job submission site.


Not only is this the go-to place for job openings across all fields of media, but they also offer a number of industry specific blogs. On their blogs like, TVNewser, GalleyCat, and their Fishbowl series (FishbowlNY, FishbowlDC, FishbowlLA), you can find the latest media news.



This film and TV directory contains thousands of job openings and casting calls around the world. They’ve got everything from entry-level to freelance postings. It’s a great site to bookmark and check back often.


Google News 

Google News offers an easy-to-digest look at the latest headlines. If you want to work in news, being on top of news is a given, but if you want to work anywhere in media, you need to be educated. Make sure you’re at least aware of trending stories and topics.

Setting up a Google News alert allows you to easily stay on top of the latest happenings in a specific category. Refine your alert criteria to your specific industry, so you’re always in the know.

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