Interview: Daniel Shapiro, Video Editor for the New England Patriots

Daniel Shapiro is a video editor for Kraft Sports Productions, where he edits video footage for the New England Patriots

How did you get your start working for Kraft Sports Productions?
A friend of mine mentioned my name to a Kraft Sports editor during a conversation about work. I was contacted by the editor Sports video editor football Sports editor New England Patriotsshortly thereafter and asked to send over a resume and demo reel. Just a week later, I was demonstrating my post-production skills in one of the company’s editing rooms. I’m grateful for my friend’s referral. It shows the importance of letting people know that you’re seeking a job in production, so they can keep their eyes and ears open for you.

NFL games are often packed with exciting plays. How do you decide which moments to highlight in a short video clip? What is your process for choosing what makes the cut?
Touchdowns and turnovers are always the most exciting plays of the game, and shot selection usually begins with those moments. Additionally, a lot of the videos I edit are accompanied by a voiceover track, which dictates shot selection. For example, if the voiceover refers to that critical fumble in the 4th quarter, then the editing involves selecting the best angle of that play. However, shot selection isn’t always such a simple process of “show-and-tell.” Oftentimes, the voiceover offers more abstract analysis, and in those cases I have greater freedom in my shot selection. It could be a close-up of a player, a wide shot of the stadium, or a shot of some die-hard fans. There’s so much to choose from, but the goal is always to use shots that augment the points of the analysis.

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