Interview: Kailey Marsh, Founder of The Blood List and Literary Manager

Kailey Marsh is the founder of The Blood List, an annually published collection of the top un-produced screenplays in the horror genre as voted on by industry insiders. Kailey is currently a literary manager at Station Three. 

What was your first job out of college?
While in college during the writers’ strike, I started interning at Ozla. Erin Eggers, who was one of my bosses over there, Kailey Marsh The Media Chronicles The Art Institute of California Los Angelesintroduced me to Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity, Insidious) who I started interning for and then transitioned into assisting.  It was a crazy time, because at the time we were on the Paramount lot and working with Jason Blum to try and get Paranormal Activity released.  I was there for over a year and the film still hadn’t been released, but along the way I learned a ton about producing, who the up-and-coming genre writers and directors were, and how hard it is even for producers with studio deals to get things done.  This business is really tough so it’s important to Paranormal Activity The Media Chroniclesalways be finding new talent, creating, setting yourself apart from the rest, asking for advice from people who have been in the business much longer, and never give up. I wasn’t working with Steven when Paranormal got released, but I have to say that being a part of that experience—of trying to get it to the public—was so helpful for me to go through, and it was a great first job in the biz. Working with smart and passionate people is so important.

What inspired you to create The Blood List and how did you get it started? 
While compiling Black List scripts for my boss as an intern, I noticed there wasn’t really any dark genre material. When I became an assistant and everyone found out I liked dark material (horror/thriller/sci fi), I would get asked a lot about who the new voices were in that space. Since I was an assistant at a management company at the time, I was mostly reading only their clients, so I asked everyone on the tracking board I run who their favorite new writers were and what scripts they loved and that became The Blood List.

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