6 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now for Your Media Career

Feel like you’re stuck in a job-search rut? Energize your hunt with this guide to the six simple things you can do today!

Update Your Resume
Because if an irresistible opportunity presents itself, your resume should be ready to hand off at a moment’s notice. Even if you’re in a job you love, having an updated resume is the smart career move for any professional.

Troll LinkedIn
Because you never know when it might come in handy to remember that Jane Smith moved to that company you really want to work at, so be on top of your contacts’ company switches and job title changes.¬†And as always, grow your contacts, keep your profile up-to-date, and find a flattering, professional picture.

Set Up a Coffee Date
Because informational interviews are seriously among the most important things a newbie professional can do. In media, it’s about who you know, so scour your alumni site, reach out to friends, and hunt on LinkedIn for a coffee date.

Search a Job Board
Because despite what you want to believe, a dream job is not going to just fall in your lap. Exert some effort and make checking job boards a part of your daily routine.

Get a Recommendation
Because while nobody is getting hired from a recommendation alone, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have a glowing recommendation on your LinkedIn page.

Go Shopping!
Because a pair of confidence-boosting heels or a flattering outfit should be ready to go, so when the interview call comes, you can focus on research and preparation instead of worrying about what to wear.

Good Luck!

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