How to Get an Internship at the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, or CBS This Morning

Are you a morning person who’s also passionate about working in television? Then getting your foot in the door with an internship at a morning show is for you.

Getting an internship on a morning show, even ones at big-time networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS is very attainable. Unlike getting an internship on their late-night counterparts, morning shows are simply not as “sexy,” making them a bit more of a realistic goal. But don’t be fooled, morning shows are still an entirely respectable internship experience and will lend you the same mega-watt brand power on your resume when looking for future jobs.

So, here are some ways to get going on your hunt for an internship at NBC’s TODAY Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, or CBS’ CBS This Morning.

Much in the same way you land any job in media, networking should always be your first step. Start with your college career office, your university’s alumni list, and family and friends. Look for people who work on the show or work at the network. From there, you can establish a relationship and get your resume passed along.

Apply to Internship Programs Through the Network
Here is where morning shows differ the most from late-night programming. Morning shows are often seen as an extension of the network’s news division, so applying for an internship through the news division will improve your chances of being placed into a coveted internship on the network’s morning show.

Have an Interest in News
Don’t be fooled by TODAY‘s summer concert series or GMA‘s style segments, these shows are not considered entertainment. As I mentioned above, since morning shows fall under the network’s news division, you must demonstrate an interest in news when applying to the internship.

Be a Morning Person
This won’t necessarily help you get an internship, but it certainly won’t hurt! When call times are 5AM Monday-Friday, being the type of person who can be both functioning and alert at that hour will set you apart. Also, for example, when applying to an internship at CBS This Morning, you apply to the CBS News division and then you simply get placed into an internship (you don’t choose which show you’ll work on), so stressing how much you LOVE mornings in a cover letter or interview might make it more likely you’ll end up interning on their morning programming.

Watch the Show
Know who the leading anchors are and be familiar with the names and faces of the contributors and reporters. This will help you immensely in an interview!

Consider a Starter Internship
When all else fails, get a gateway internship that will open doors to other opportunities at the network. This could be an internship on a lesser-known daytime news show or local affiliate station. Either way, once you make some connections, you’ll have a better shot at getting your resume in the right hands for an internship the following semester.

To apply for internships at the TODAY Showlook here, for Good Morning Americalook here, and for CBS This Morninglook here.

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