Where to Find TV Internships

Internships are one of the best ways to learn valuable skills, get your feet wet in the industry, and most importantly, make connections. The contacts you meet in your internship can serve as references, referrals, and the inside track when it comes to job hunting later on. Here are the best places to start your internship search:

College Career Office
Your school’s career guidance office is always the No. 1 place to start your internship hunt if you’re in college. They have the resources, the connections, and the relationships with internship programs to help you land a winning spot.

While MediaBistro is best known for New York-based media jobs, they also have a lesser known listing of internships.

Company Websites
Not all companies broadcast their internships on third party websites, so hunting out internships on your own will put you ahead. Target the specific companies you’d like to work for and check out their career site. For example, major networks like ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and Disney all list their internship openings right on their website.

The site can be shady, but with some careful searching, you’ll find a plethora of internship listings at everything from smaller production companies to TV shows looking for production assistants. (Check out this article by Justina Cerra on guidelines for safe job searching on Craigslist.)

This industry-specific career site boasts a long list of internships in TV. And though the site requires paid membership to apply to openings, some internship descriptions provide email addresses for applying outside the system. Also, for the creative internship-hunter, some clever Googling can often lead you to another way to apply for the opening.

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