Your Questions Answered: When to Apply for NBC Page Program

From now until the spring, college seniors will start to feel the mounting pressure to have a job after graduation. Unlike in some other careers, like law, finance, and medicine, entertainment job openings are generally immediate and it’s rare you’ll have a job lined up months ahead of time. One of the only exceptions: the NBC Page Program. If you decide to apply to the NBC Page Program, there’s no need to wait until the spring. Here’s a question from a reader about when to the apply to the NBC Page Program.

Q. Good afternoon, I am currently a senior and am interested in applying for the NBC Page Program. When are the ideal dates to apply for the Program? Thank you.

A. That’s a great question.

The NBC Page Program operates on a rolling admission basis, so they’re essentially accepting new Pages all year round. But it’s helpful to understand a bit about the Program’s hiring cycles.

Once you get accepted to the Program, you can choose your start date. So let’s say you’re accepted in January, but you don’t graduate from college until May. That’s not a problem: You can opt to start in May. Since the Page Program is a post-college training program, you can imagine that spring/early summer is a popular time to start. Around that time of year, the Program has new start groups coming in almost every week. Some of these Pages were hired just weeks before and some were hired months before.

Also note that the Page Program aims for a set number of Pages in the Program at any given time. This varies slightly depending on the Program’s needs: how many assignments there are available and how many Pages are necessary¬†to fill the other Page duties, such as giving tours. At any rate, the reason there are many openings in the spring is because all of the college graduates who started the previous spring/early summer are now nearing the end of their one year in the Program, so starting in late winter, there is a significant drop-off as Pages leave the Program for full-time jobs both in and outside the company.

I would recommend you apply as soon as you feel your application is at its strongest. If you apply in the fall, the process may take a little while as they may or may not need new Pages at that time, but that’s okay: if you’re a good fit for the Program, you’ll get in no matter what time of year you apply. If you choose to wait until the winter to apply, you might find the process going a little quicker as they prepare to staff up for the spring.

Applying early can’t hurt. Either you get in and you can breeze through the rest of your senior year knowing you’ve got an awesome position lined up upon graduation, or you don’t get in, in which case you’ve got some time to strengthen your application, gather more experience, network, and re-apply¬†(or decide the process just isn’t worth it and you’d rather look for employment elsewhere).

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Hope this is helpful, and please let me know if you have any other questions!