Behind the Scenes at Your Favorite Companies

Not sure where you want to work in the vast world that of media? Wouldn’t it be nice to sneak a peak behind the curtain of your favorite companies before you put all of that effort into networking, resume tweaking, and applying? With some thorough research, you can find the perfect match for your personality and goals while knocking their socks off at the interview with your keen understanding of the company and who they’re looking for. Check out these ways to go behind-the-scenes at top media companies to get a sense of company culture and employee satisfaction.

If isn’t already a major part of your job hunt, you’re missing out. The site contains tons of anonymous reviews from company employees, insights into interview questions and processes, and detailed salary and benefits information. Basically, it’s incredible. Get the juicy gossip on big networks like ABC and NBC, major studios like Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures, and even some specific TV shows like The Dr. Oz Show.

Company HR Sites
Companies like Google and Facebook and have long led with their unique company culture as a big draw for applicants. And now, HR departments are finally wising up to what millennials want and tailoring their company websites to include a peek inside their “cool” company. NBC Universal added an “Our Culture” tab to their career site, Disney has a prominent “Working Here” button on theirs, and Fox answers the question “Why Fox?” in the hopes of attracting top talent. Keep in mind that these narratives of company culture are naturally biased, but they’re still a great insight into how these companies want to be perceived: a piece of information that could come in very handy come interview time!

Informational Interview
What’s the best way to find out what the inside looks like? To see for yourself! Informational interviews are an ideal way to get inside while making a valuable connection along the way. Your interviewer might offer a small tour or you might ask for one yourself. If the situation doesn’t call for that, take what you’re given: as you’re being escorted from the waiting area to the office, look around and take it in. Are people in offices or cubicles? Is the staff mostly young or old? Do people look happy? While it isn’t appropriate to accost employees in the elevator, you may find an opportunity to strike up a casual conversation with someone on your way out of the building to fully round out your reconnaissance work.

The Muse
Like Glassdoor, offers a glimpse into company cultures. Videos and interviews with employees give you a visual sense of what you’re getting yourself into. However, unlike Glassdoor, The Muse works with companies to showcase their behind-the-scenes videos, so it doesn’t have the same unauthorized, honest quality of Glassdoor reviews. Nevertheless, working with companies has its perks: the videos give a real sense of what the offices look like and what kind of work environment you can expect.

Whatever method you choose, sleuthing before committing will give a leg up in the interview process and hopefully help steer you towards your perfect career match.


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